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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Notice: Alex Kincaid Law is open for business and fully operational

A message from Alex Kincaid:

Necessity is the mother of creativity. When there is a will, there is a way. We have a way, and we continue to help our clients.

As coronavirus continues to spread globally, I thought it appropriate to share an update on Alex Kincaid Law’s readiness to meet the challenges posed by the crisis, as well as the measures we are taking to ensure continuity and help our clients plan their estates, run their businesses, and protect their Second Amendment Rights in these trying times.

Alex Kincaid Law is fully operational and open for business.

We have taken steps to ensure that our clients’ needs are met simply by using technology. All scheduled appointments will still take place, even if our meetings will take place via the internet or over the phone. We have already fully implemented a secure, online portal, which allows us to upload draft documents in a secure environment for our clients’ review. This same portal allows our clients to sign fee agreements online, pay invoices online, send us messages, and upload their own documents.

Well in advance of today’s crisis, we have built our business to allow all of our staff to work from anywhere. Our systems are set up to support our staff and our clients 100% of the time. Our staff members use cloud-based business services and are equipped with secure remote access technology that allows us to do the job from any location. Our current clients may contact us to obtain a client username and password for the portal. New clients will automatically receive a username and password for the portal. You may review our portal at www.IdahoWillsandTrustsLaw.com

As organizations enact policies that encourage their employees to conduct digital meetings instead of face-to-face meetings, some clients have asked us if Alex Kincaid Law is prepared to host digital or telephonic meetings. The answer is “yes, we are prepared.”

We know that this is a hectic time for many of you. Please know that we are working hard to help you overcome our current societal challenges.