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About Alexandria Kincaid

I’m not just a lawyer. I have a blended family with a beautiful step-daughter. I own pets and farm animals, and I am a rancher. I have planned to leave part of my estate to charity while also caring for my loved ones.

I understand how complicated creating a plan that will address everything can seem, and that many people do not plan at all, simply because the process can be overwhelming. I’m here to help.

As for my qualifications, I began my legal career as a prosecutor, and was elected the first woman District Attorney in my Oregon county. During my time of service as a prosecutor, I prosecuted many elder abuse cases, which helped me clearly see how I could help seniors avoid abuse and neglect through proper planning.

In my private practice, I have prepared thousands of trust plans for my clients. Altogether, I have over 20 years of experience as a successful trial attorney and strategic planner.

My law firm, Alex Kincaid Law, was voted the Best Law Firm in the Treasure Valley for 2019 and the best law firm in Idaho for 2020. I do what I can to help people understand the law through public speaking, radio, and television.

I have also authored two books. My book about estate planning, “Plan Now & Save Your Ass(ets) Later!” was written in plain English and is illustrated with true stories from the cases I have worked on and the families I have helped over the last 20 years.